farm and ranch

The ownership of farms in Colorado and other parts of the West has recently evolved with the shift from non-renewable to renewable water irrigation. C&A has skillfully assembled and developed over 60,000 acres of farmland. Nearly 40,000 of the acreage was developed into irrigated land, and nearly 30,000 acre feet of water storage was created. Additionally, C&A enhanced the natural resource and mineral attributes of these properties through initiatives like gravel pit development and by leasing mineral rights. C&A has also added value to select properties through the careful and ecologically sensitive subdivision of portions of the land into tracts that can support recreational and residential uses, as well as conservation purposes.

representative farm & ranch projects

GP Ranches

GP Ranches – Lamar, Colorado

  • 6,400 acres of historically flood irrigated land converted to pivot irrigated farmland by developing and enhancing the renewable water rights of the property
    Project Role: Created 900 acres of conservation easement, open space through conservation easements along a sensitive river corridor to enhance wildlife activity, enhanced water and mineral resources

Rose Ranch

Rose Ranch – Snowville, Utah

  • 12,000 acres with 7,400 irrigated acres
    Project Role: Acquisition, development and management of irrigated farmland with extensive water rights and water storage

Granada Farms

Granada Farms – Lamar, Colorado

  • 20,000 acres with 16,000 irrigated acres
    Project Role: Acquisition, development and management of irrigated farmland with extensive water rights and water storage, disposition to major dairy operator

Prowers Gravel Pit

Prowers Aggregate Operators – Lamar, Colorado

  • 230 acre rail-served gravel mining operation expandable to 1,000 acres and development of 8,400 acre feet of water storage
    Project Role: Acquisition, entitlement, development and operation

Midstream Pipeline

Midstream Pipeline – Eastern Colorado

  • Acquired and assembled an oil and gas gathering system - enhanced operation through strategic acquisitions and development, including pipeline connections, well drilling and gas plant operation
    Project Role: Acquisition, assembly, development and operation

land and water development

C&A manages a complete range of land development services, including market research, land planning and site layout; civil and architectural plan development; preliminary budgeting and bidding; negotiation of entitlements and development agreements; and the formation of services, roads and other infrastructure. To ensure the successful completion of each land development project, the firm assembles a team of skilled professionals, including land planners, attorneys, engineers and surveyors, and earthwork and utility contractors.

C&A has developed over 5,000 acres of land, resulting in approximately 750 developed lots. Presently, a primary impediment to developing successful projects is the ability to secure water and water rights. C&A’s leadership in land development is largely based on its ability to close complex deals with real estate brokers, developers and banks, as well as its ability to integrate open space, recreational trails, parks and other lifestyle amenities into master plans. The company’s unique ability to identify and develop solutions for the provision of water for proposed developments clearly sets C&A apart from other developers.